Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday Madness!!!

I am stuck in the middle of cake madness at my house.  My son’s birthday was on the 13th so I had to get cupcakes for his class. Then I had to bake a cake for our family celebration and I also ordered a cake for his party on Saturday. I am a sugaraholic and it is really hard for me to avoid sweet stuff when it is right in my face.  I had a bad dream last night where I was being chased by a large slice of chocolate cake.
I am planning to have a piece of cake at his party Saturday but I can’t stand having it in the house.  I came up with a nifty solution for the party. I found these nice little cake boxes for the party. So along with grab bags I am sending every kid home with an extra piece of cake.  I am sure the their parents will be cursing me on the way home.
If you have been reading you are aware that I have not weighed in since the week before Christmas. The big day is Wednesday January 19.  I am both mortified and excited about this weigh in because I have no idea what my progress has been. It has been sobering not to face the scale every week.  I will however be returning to weekly weigh in until March 14th. I am also starting a morning gym routine next week. I will be hitting the gym before work in the morning.   I am not really looking forward to the first few weeks. I am sure as soon as I get into a routine I will be OK.
So, are any of you doing anything new this week?

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