Saturday, May 12, 2018


12 years ago I became a mother for the first time and the joy he he brought me I could not measure. Then 7 years ago I got to experience it for the second time.  Being a mom has taught me a few lessons I am sure I would never had learned otherwise. Infertility made me humble and allowed me to understand that motherhood does not always mean your child is with you on earth. 

The journey to being called mom was not easy but it was worth it. I see two little boys walk the earth with eyes like mine (everything else like their father) Everyday, sometimes I feel like I am going to cry because they are growing so fast. My oldest is so intelligent and he thinks about every angle of a situation. He is a thinker and I am convinced he will invent something this world needs one day. He is also a fierce protector of his bother and I. I have seen the fire in his eyes when he think someone has done something to his brother. He is also emotional and caring. 

My youngest is the kindest , most logical person you can meet. He has been a blessing and he has taught me patience I have never fought harder for a person harder than I have for him. His Aspergers Diagnosis made a mama bear out of me. He has no idea that he is supposed to be different. As a family he is just LG to us. I know for sure he will be running his own company one day, this little boy will be a boss. His intelligence shocks me sometimes. 

Motherhood is patience, balance, exhausting, rewarding,expensive, time consuming, painful, joyful, and worth it for me.  Most of all it is Love 

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. It does not mater if you hold your children in your arms or heart. You are a mother!

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