Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Love Letter

I did not have to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince. Ten years ago I was just dating my husband, we had no titles but at 22 and 23 we were becoming best friends. I shared with him everything about myself  before we got into a relationship. Even knowing all my imperfections, he asked me if I would be in a relationship with him.
We have never been  big on Valentines Day, we give each other cards year around. Several times a day we tell each other " I Love You", and I never leave the house without giving him a kiss. Even if I am angry I still give him an angry peck. This year Valentines Day has had a bit more meaning. The past few years have be incredibly difficult for me. I am and have been going through the process of changing myself both mentally and physically. It has not been an easy process and in the process of becoming the new me, I gave up a lot.I gave up some of the people in my life and some of  my old habits. I have struggled with these changes and through it all one thing has remained constant. My husband has been there!

He told me I was good enough when I could not see it myself. He Loved me when I did not have enough Love to give to myself. He saw the extraordinary in me, when I did not know it was there.  He held me when I cried and wiped the tears away. He pushed me when I thought that I could not go any further. As I began to change, he would let me know that my changes were visible. He gave me tough Love when he saw that I needed it.  When it was clear that , I had become a different person, he fell in Love with the "NEW" me. Now I know this man is not perfect, he has flaws but I Love each and every one of them.

I am not a very religious person but if there is indeed a God, I know that he created this man for me. When I woke up this morning, there were no roses but a card. A card that explained exactly what our relationship meant to him. There was just enough chocolate , so that I would not deviate from my plan. I was in his arms and he whispered " I Love You Nip".  The same whisper , that I hear each and every morning.

So today as I look in the eyes of my two little boys, who look just like him. I know I that  am Blessed!! It is entirely possible that he will do something to annoy the hell out me, sometime soon. But it is okay because, I never said he was perfect just perfect for me.

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