Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

As many of you know we have been dealing with record heat here in the North East. I am still running in the morning with a water bottle strapped to my hip. I don't know if you remember my post a while back about how I scout out my routes. Like looking for mom with small children and introducing my self to regulars I see.   Well, you never know who is watching you.

When I run early in the morning I always see a nice elderly lady on her porch drinking coffee and rocking in her chair. I always wave at her and say "Hi", she always yells "Keep up the good work!." Recently as I turned on her corner, I circle her block twice. I reached for my water bottle to find it empty , disappointed with my self, I said whatever and kept running.  As I circled her block for the second time, she was standing at the corner with a ice cold bottle of water. She passed it off to me and said " Keep Going!".  I thanked her and kept in stride because that is what she told me to do.   

What a wonderful person , who with out a thought decided to help a stranger. Today I dropped a plant off on her porch with a card that said" Keep Going". Someone you don't even know is pulling for you to succeed on your journey. So KEEP GOING!!! 

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Monique said...

Loved this post! That's awesome!!!