Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!!!!!

The rain is really messing up my workout plans lately! So I had to make some decision, I mean am I going to let the rain stop me from hitting the pavement. Since we are going on week two of constant rain, the answer had to be NO. I  have dodged the torrential downpours so far but I knew my luck would run out.

So today  I packed my poncho and after work today, I headed out for my run. Half way through my route, it started to rain and I pulled out my poncho.  It actually was not that  bad, the rain cooled me down and I felt my stride increase.  I made in home in record time, in fact as I turned the corner on my street the rain stopped.  I of course had to wash and blow dry my hair but that  was not a real issue since I am natural.

I am very proud o f myself for removing a roadblock, getting of the couch is getting easier each day.


unctoothlady said...

I am proud of you too!

Kenisha said...

Thank you!!!!