Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poor Visibility

Usually when you hear the term visibility you think of meteorology.  I have been thinking more and more about my visible self. I think that we have the ability to make ourselves less visible to the world. We do this by hiding our smiles, wearing frumpy clothing or not engaging others. I am sure I can add several other things to the list. I think the point is that when you are unhappy with yourself you do things so that you feel others don’t see you.

It is a skill that I believe I mastered when I was unhappy with my appearance. I think that becoming visible is a complex process that one goes through. Part of the problem is that when you lose weight, it is hard for you to see your transformation. You have people that you love telling you on a daily basis how wonderful you look.  It is possible that when you look in the mirror you still see some things that you need to work on.

I think as we become more visible things change about you.  For example confidence:  I am more confident and I have a positive attitude that I think is contagious.  I am usually very cheery and I think that my students even see a difference in my attitude. I walk with my head high and smile all the time. So far I like being visible, I think when I am visible I can change the world. Becoming my visible self has allowed me to improve every aspect of my life.

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