Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby its Cold Outside

This is that time of year when  fattening foods are in circulation. It is cold and we forget that summer will come again soon. You can hide under coat and sweaters so you stop thinking about getting fit.  Don't get caught in that trap  because I have many times. With winter approaching, running may not be an option soon. So I you may be thinking that you have to fork over some cash to a local gym. If you are strapped for cash this may seem like a daunting task. Additionally, if you are obese you may not yet have the confidence to join a gym.
Don’t give up hope yet!
If you have cable there are two channels you need to look for. Fit TV and Exercise TV on Demand both channels provide great exercise videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
Don’t have cable, get a library card.  Your local library has a great selection of work out videos that you can borrow for free.
Got a few bucks well head to your local dollar store, they have a variety of workout video for a buck.
You can also head over to Push.com; they create custom in home workout. They are tailored specifically for you. You can order one video or get a monthly subscription.  
Personally I am doing a combination of all of these.  I have a few DVD sets  from beach body  and Push that I use.  I will continue to run until I feel the weather is unbearable and  have also found a few gyms that offer classes for ten dollars a session. So if i ever get board, I can walk in and take a class. Usually if I  pay for a class they will let me use the equipment afterwards for free.  With a baby under six months old I did not renew gym membership because he cant go into the gym daycare until January. Until then I will be working out at home and with my DVDs or dropping in on a class occasionally this winter. 

What ever you do don’t get stuck on the couch this winter!!!

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