Speech Training and Coaching

One on One

One-on-one coaching means you get individual professional attention right when you need it the most. The focus, feedback, and skill-building techniques are centered on communication impact. Issues of projection, confidence, fluency, even eloquence, are addressed. There are no wasted efforts with this kind of personal attention. Speech coaching improves your ability to communicate, making it one of the most important things you can do to advance your career, your confidence, and your effectiveness in the world.

During your first session: 

A. I  will discus your strengths, skills, and areas for improvement
B.  I will provide insights into how your communications background and experiences have shaped  your attitude toward public speaking.
C. I will create a plan to improve your communication skills

I  focus on the specific training needs and issues that are important to you. You will work with the speech coach from our team who is best suited to your needs and learning style.


We meet when and where you want. We can work together:

by a live, online, face to face interactive session using your computer and a web camera

over the phone and by email


You're free to discuss issues which you might feel uncomfortable bringing up in a group setting.

Phone, Email & Web Consultation

There may be times when you need immediate help, or have questions while traveling or just do not have time to get out of the office. Our phone, email or web consultations may be just what you need to get help with your concerns right when you need it.

Speech training for Beauty Pageant Contestants

1. Individual training 
2. Group Training 
3. Individualized Assessments 
4. Workshops 

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