Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sugar withdrawl

I often get caught in a sugar trap, I have a few weeks where I tend to eat  a bit more sweat treats than  necessary. As I looked through my food journal, I realized that I have had a bit of a junk food fest the last couple of weeks. I guess that is the honesty of a food journal because you really get to see what you are putting in your body.

Anyway, I decide to go on a bit of a detox and get my self back on track. I realized that I was putting in about 150 sugary calories about 4 days a week.  It does  not seem like a lot but that  2400 calories a  month. Which can easily convert to a pound if you add in any other splurges.  In addition to that, also noticed that I was making those splurges at night. So I was hungry and fueling my self with an unfulfilling snack.

Sugar is addictive and it has always been a weakness for me. So  I know that I have to be careful because I can easily fall back in to old habits. My detox is not one where I am attempting to rid my system so much of toxin. I am actually just reinforcing good habit by eating clean and reducing my processed sugar intake. So I still consume  natural sugars from fruits and vegetables.

Mixing up my workouts have been fun, I am planning to write up a workout plan for myself.  That way I have a month of workouts prepared. In addition to that I am planning a photo shoot for my anniversary. Its time for some new family photos, the pictures we have in our home don't resemble the new me.

I am headed out for a workout, have you gotten off the couch today?

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