Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Taste Buds

I was never really fond of alcohol, in order for me to drink it has to be  fruity. In fact I must admit I really only like girly drinks.  However, in the past year I can taste even the minuscule amount of alcohol in drinks. I have to admit I have yet to find an alcohol  appealing lately.

I made the decision when it comes to food that,if  it did not like the taste of it I wouldn't eat it. I guess that will now apply to alcoholic beverages. It is funny to me because a lot of people in my life are convinced the can find a drink that I will like. They have yet to be successful and I am not looking to find that drink. I am not saying that I will never have a drink ever again but right now I am done with alcohol.

I am not sure if this puts me higher on the  uncool list, but I don't really care.  I don't mind other people drinking and I am not against the  consumption alcohol at all. Honestly to me the stuff is just nasty and  why should I drink something I don't  like.

In addition to my alcohol revelation, I found these great mock drinks by crystal light that are pretty good. 
Even though I try not to use unnatural sweeteners, I am willing to drink these occasionally because they are good.  I love the fact that I am still changing and getting stronger. This journey just keeps surprising me.


Holly Curtis said...

I WISH I didn't like alcohol! hahaha But you are so right, why eat or drink anything you don't like. That's ludicrous! If anyone finds you uncool for not drinking, then they have serious issues and needn't be a part of your life anyways. :-)

Kenisha said...

Thanks Holly!!