Silence No More

Many victims spend their lives unable to talk about their pain. The silence holds us hostage and keeps you in the role of victim. I am taking our power back! It is time to tell our stories, our way. I am speaking for so many who have sat across the table from a their abuser and had to pretend everything was okay . This is for all the men and women I met along the way that have been afraid to tell their truth. For those women who have been made to sit in silence while dealing with infertility and yearning for a child. For those of us with eating disorders and no on to talk too. For the population that suffers from PTSD who find dealing with the daily world a challenge. You will see real people sharing experiences in their lives that we don’t talk about. There are so many topics we are forced to be silent about. Silence will not dominate my life anymore, I am telling my story, I am telling my truth! I am currently looking for volunteers to record videos about how silence has been a force in there lives. Please contact me! My book which chronicles the silence in my life is currently available on NOW!!!!  

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